Sunday, 10 September 2017

Apple’s iOS 11 GM leak show off Face ID, wireless charging, and Apple Watch LTE

Apple’s iOS 11 Golden Master — the final version of the software — leaked earlier this weekend, providing an avalanche of revelations about the products that the company is expected to announce on Tuesday, including the name of the next big iPhoneLTE connectivity for the Apple Watch, and animated emoji. There’s been some new revelations about the 3D face scanner, wireless charging, and an interesting fact about the Apple TV.

Face ID

We’ve learned a bit about Face ID — which will allow you to unlock your phone by looking at it — but Brazillian iOS developer Guiherme Rambo found some new details. It appears that you can use Face ID to not only unlock your phone, but also use it to confirm purchases in iTunes and the App Store, as well...
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