Thursday, 10 March 2016

New law changes the liquidity game for tech company founders, workers and investors


Late last year, Congress passed legislation that substantially improved the legal landscape for startups, early-stage companies and the stakeholders in the ecosystem. You might have read about, for example, Congress making permanent the 100 percent tax exclusion for sales of qualified small business stock held for more than five years (up to $10 million). This is great news for company… Read More

My Uber driver apparently moonlights as an underground electronics dealer


Have you ever been riding in an Uber and become suddenly overtaken by the immediate need for a new Android tablet or a Dell Latitude E6420? Yeah, me neither. Read More

Prosecutors push back against Apple defense in new court filing

Today, prosecutors filed a new motion seeking to compel Apple to break security measures on an iPhone used in the San Bernardino attacks. "The government and the community need to know what is on the terrorist’s phone, and the government needs Apple’s assistance to find out," the filing argues. " Apple’s rhetoric is not only false, but also corrosive of the very institutions that are best able to safeguard our liberty and our rights."
This is the third motion the prosecution has filed seeking to compel APple's assistance, following two earlier filings made on February 16 and 19th, the first of which detailed a technical method for breaking the phone's lockscreen protection through a custom firmware update.
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Android N can show emergency information on your lock screen

Android N is generating a lot of buzz with its split-screens and improved battery life, but there's also a potentially life-saving feature that comes with the newest Android makeover. A new Emergency Info screen will let you add details including name, address, date of birth, blood type, known allergies, medication and medical conditions, and more, Droid Life reports. You can also specify an emergency contact.
Now, as long as Android phone owners fill out these medical profiles beforehand, first responders can find information about them immediately. The emergency info will prove especially useful in cases where the patient is alone and unconscious or unable to speak for other reasons.
First responders will be able to see vital...
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Donald Trump Cosplay Is the Future of American Politics

There’s something new happening in this presidential election cycle. Yes, Donald Trump has upended political convention in just about every way imaginable. But as a celebrity-cum-politician he’s allowed a new kind of 21st century populist revelry to take root: Political cosplay.