Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The 'Star Wars' VR experience for Google Cardboard is here

The Star Wars hype machine's rolling at full force. But that shouldn't surprise you, considering the new film from the world-famous franchise is debuting soon, on December 18th. As part of Disney's promotional efforts leading up to Star Wars: The For... read more

Legislators want to know how VTech handles children's data

In the days following a surprisingly heinous hack on kiddy-gadget-maker VTech, shock and surprise have given way to pointed curiosity. The latest slew of questions come from Senator Edward J. Markey (D–MA) and Congressman Joe Barton read more

Make sweet, sci-fi music with 'Amplitude' on PS4 in January

Amplitude blends rhythm gaming with sci-fi spaceship action, and it's heading to PlayStation 4 on January 5th, for $20 via the PlayStation Store. This is the new, Kickstarted version of Harmonix's beloved 2002 PlayStation 2 franchise read more

This Is What Happens in a World Ruled by Broadband Monopolies

An entire town in northern Canada just lost its internet. Not for a few minutes. Not even for a few hours. The area’s one and only internet service provider went out of business, and now the town of Stewart, British Columbia will be without internet for months.

Google Will Shut Down Songza App, To Fold Into Google Play Music


The music wars are afoot, Google is consolidating its weaponry. Beginning today, Songza users will be notified that the Songza website and mobile apps are being fully folded into Google Play Music as of January 31, 2016. Google bought Songza back in July of 2014 for an undisclosed sum and has continued to integrate pieces of the technology into Google Play. With so many Songza features… Read More