Thursday, 16 July 2015

Reddit Reinforces Policy Prohibiting Harassment Or Inciting Violence


Reddit is taking a firm stance against bullying, harassment, and content that encourages violence. Today new CEO Steve Huffman announced a new slate of moderation policies and is now holding an AMA to discuss them. Specifically, Huffman laid out that the site prohibits: Anything that incites harm or violence against an individual or group of people Anything that harasses, bullies, or abuses… Read More

Here's How You Diagnose An Engine That Won't Start

Every truly crappy day begins with a car that won’t start. We’ve seen it in the movies, we’ve read it in books, and that’s just how it is. So here are some simple steps you can take to nip that crappy day in the bud. Let’s figure out why the heck your car won’t run!

The Future Will Run on Algae

In the twentieth century, oil was black gold. But as we march deeper into the twenty-first century, we could have a lucrative new fuel on our hands. One that’s blue-green and sometimes a little smelly. It’s found in wastewater, but it’s capable of powering jets. It’s algae.

The Future Of Retail Won’t Be So Good For Consumers


Shopping — both online and offline — is a great luxury of the modern era. People can enjoy a great selection at lower prices and shop from the convenience of their home, while still having the option of going to a local mall or retailer to peruse the aisles for instant gratification. Read More

GoPro’s New Camera Gets Torn Apart, Is Basically Impossible To Open And Repair


If you ran out to buy GoPro’s new cube-shaped, waterproof camera, a heads up: if it breaks, you best hope it’s under warranty. Opening it up and fixing it yourself is probably a bad idea. Why? Because even the folks at iFixit, who gut electronics all day every day, couldn’t get it open without destroying it. Read More

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Drone of the Day: X-56A

If there is a future in unmanned commercial aviation, it is currently being explored by NASA in the form of the Lockheed Martin X-56A. Its adaptive structures and modular wing and tail surfaces are meant to be the cutting edge for designing future surveillance drones and transport aircraft. A little less than two years ago, the Air Force Research Laboratory flew the X-56A for the first time at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center (now named Armstrong Flight Research Center) in California. After the Air Force-sponsored tests, the X-56A was transferred to NASA where it flew its inaugural flight on July 26 last year. It’s currently being flown in “NASA’s Advanced Air Transport Technology (AATT) project’s Higher Aspect Ratio Wing subproject, Performance Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing element.” A very fancy name for a project that supports low-emission, high efficiency aircraft with less aerodynamic drag.

"iPhone Keeps Restarting" Glitch Is Driving the Internet Crazy

At first I thought it was just my old 5s—in the middle of an activity, it freezes for a few seconds, blanks out to the Apple screen, and restarts. Then friends reported the same restarts with varying iPhone models and iOS versions. Now the problem is so common, it’s become a meme unto itself.

These Hanging Hotel Rooms Have Good Food, Great Views, So Much Screaming

It’s not unlike camping, according to visitors. Except for the fact that you’re hanging from a sheer rock cliff 400 feet above the ground. Oh, and the bathroom. The bathroom is... different.

The special effects behind Game of Thrones' epic White Walker battle

The VFX in Game of Thrones is consistently great for a TV show , with some scenes rivaling the very best of any visual medium. And this past season’s battle (or massacre) at Hardhome between the White Walkers and wights vs The Night’s Watch and the wildlings might very well be the best we’ve seen. At the very least, it’s the most visually impressive battle scene the series has given us given all the moving parts. Here’s how they made it.

How to set up Family Sharing on an iPhone, iPad or Mac

How to set up Family Sharing on an iPhone, iPad or Mac

In the dark days before iOS 8 introduced Family Sharing, one parent couldn't access the other's go-to playlist when the kids got cranky in the car. Now, up to six people can share purchases made in iTunes, the App Store, and iBooks, plus family photo libraries, calendars and more. Setup is simple if you avoid a couple snags - here's all you need to know.

How Family Sharing works

Family Sharing

Everyone in the group can share the content purchased through their individual accounts, but each person retains authority over their account as an Organizer. An Organizer can grant someone a kind of second-in-command status within their account by designating them as a Parent/Guardian. A child's account is the lowest on the totem pole: it can't be directly associated with a credit card, so all purchases are made through the Organizer's account. If the Ask to Buy feature is toggled on for a child's account, then the group's Organizer and anyone designated as a Parent/Guardian will receive an alert on their own devices when a child tries to buy something, allowing those in charge to approve or disapprove the purchase before it goes through.

Getting started

Family Sharing

Family Sharing on an iPhoneiPad or iPod touch requires iOS 8. To set up an iOS device, go to Settings > iCloud > Set Up Family Sharing. You'll get a brief overview of the feature; when you're done reading, tap Get Started. A couple of screens explain your role as Organizer, then you're asked to add a credit card to your Apple ID if you haven't done so already. If you plan to add a child to Family Sharing, a debit card won't do - since those can be given to minors, Apple requires a credit card to prove you're a grown-up. BUT! If you prefer, you can switch to a debit card after adding the child to the group.
To set up Family Sharing using a Mac, first make sure you're using OS X Yosemite, then open System Preferences and click iCloud. Next, click the Set Up Family button in the left column and follow the on-screen instructions. (Note: The Set Up Family button will change to Manage Family once you've gone through the initial process.)

Adding members

Family Sharing

In iOS 8, the list of family members you share with can be easily managed in Settings > iCloud > Family. A new member can be added by simply tapping Add Family Member and typing in their email address. If you're adding any children, tap Create an Apple ID for a child to set up set up an iCloud email account and password for them. On a Mac, go to Settings > iCloud > Manage Family and click the + button in the lower-left corner.

And that's it!

Family Sharing

You've now set up a group for Family Sharing. You may want to consider putting restrictions on any children's devices to prohibit them from accessing any objectionable content, such as rated-R movies or songs with explicit lyrics. (To do so, visit Settings > General > Restrictions on the child's device). It's also possible to hide purchases made through iTunes, iBooks, or the App Store so they aren't even visible to the people you share with. For more information on everything Family Sharing allows you to do, check out Apple's official page.
Have fun accessing all your family's content without having to buy anything more than once!