Monday, 8 June 2015

iOS 9 revealed with Google Now-like Siri features

Breaking: iOS 9 revealed with Google Now-like Siri features

Apple has introduced iOS 9 at WWDC, boasting some new features and enhancements to set it apart from Apple's previous mobile OS.
The biggest upgrade announced is Siri's new "proactive assistant" feature, which feels like Apple's answer to Google Now. Like Google Now, Siri will now use more context within the page being viewed to offer more handy recommendations and reminders.
It also learns what time of day you are prone to open certain apps, and makes them handy for the user, as well as suggest names for incoming calls that aren't in your address book.
Apple Maps also gets an upgrade, adding transit directions to select cities. Apple Pay is also getting added support from new credit cards and store fronts. Apple Pay is finally making its way to the UK "next month" and will be able to be used for transit in the UK.
Notes, used by over half of iOS users on a daily basis, becomes a bit more intuitive, adding to-do lists, drawing capability and easily accessible photos within the app.

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