Thursday, 19 June 2014

Here's a list of who wants to buy Silk Road's bitcoins leaked by a US Marshals email fail

reWhat do Barry Silbert, CEO of SecondMarket, and Luther Lowe, director of public policy for Yelp, have in common? Both expressed interest in buying some government-confiscated bitcoins, and neither expected that that fact would be advertised by an unfortunate bcc fail.
Silbert's and Lowe's names were included on a list of interested bidders that leaked when the US Marshals sent out an email about the auction that failed to bcc the recipients. One of the recipients showed the email to CoinDesk, a blog that covers the virtual currency world.
In addition to Silbert and Lowe, the list includes:
Daniel Folkinshteyn, assistant professor at Rowan University
Malcolm Oluwasanmi, chairperson of Little Phoenix Investment Group
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