Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The LG G3 - is it set to launch with a stylus?

The LG G3 - is it set to launch with a stylus?

Another day, another leaked LG G3 picture - but this one comes with a mysterious extra hole that could show the location of a stylus.
While these images of the phone in a third party case are broadly similar to what we've seen before, they do reveal some new details, as LG finalises the version it will be showing off to the public.
These new images were spotted on Amazon Germany servers by MobileGeeks and they show the same rear-facing buttons, camera and mystery sensor that we've seen before, but also give a look at the top edge of the handset, which has a hole in the top right corner.

More questions than answers

The obvious explanation for that would be a headphone port, but earlier images of the phone show what seems to be a headphone port on the bottom edge.
So what else could it be? There's been speculation that this could be a Japanese version of the handset and that the hole is for an antenna, but it seems odd that there'd be a cut-out for that in a case designed for the German market.
Credit: Mobile Geeks
Another possibility is that it could be a slot for a stylus. We haven't heard any rumours of a stylus but with a screen that's expected to be 5.5 inches (and super-high-res) it's certainly big enough to warrant one.
Or then again it could just be a headphone port after all, which would leave us with a mystery hole at the bottom of the handset instead.
We should know soon enough as we're expecting the LG G3 launch to happen on 27 May.

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