Sunday, 25 May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for pre-IFA launch on September 3?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for pre-IFA launch on September 3?

How quickly they grow up, eh? It doesn't seem like five minutes ago that we welcomed Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet in to the world, but we're already talking about the fourth edition.
According to Android Geeks' sources, the next-generation Galaxy Note 4 will once again arrive in its now-traditional pre-IFA slot on September 3.
The information comes from the same folks who nailed the September 4 launch date in 2013, the report states in order to back up the claim.
Invites to the latest Samsung Unpacked event are expected to go out in mid-August.

Show us the curves

While this new information is good to have, it certainly isn't a stretch to pinpoint September 3 as the potential launch date given Samsung's previous form.
What'll be more interesting to mobile fans is speculation over how the Note 4 will look when it eventually arrives.
Recent rumblings have suggested the device may have a flexible screen with a wraparound-style design. It is also thought the display will be larger, perhaps growing to 5.9-inches in size.
Other speculation has opened up the possibility of a 64-bit processor, with 4GB of RAM under the hood.

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