Friday, 9 May 2014

HTC One M8 Mini may come with a sizable price tag

HTC One M8 Mini may come with a sizable price tag

We all expect the HTC One M8 Mini to make an appearance soon, but we didn't think it would be priced quite as highly as two retailers are claiming.
Finnish sites, Systema Store and Multitronic, currently list the phone for around 520 Euros, which converts to about £425/$720 - a fair bit more than the launch price of the first One Mini.
They're also naming the phone the HTC One Mini M8, rather than the HTC One Mini 2, as it's been mooted until now.


Rumours and leaks so far suggest the smaller M8 will be wearing the same aluminium body of its HTC One M8, but the screen will be shrunk to 4.5 inches with a 720p display.
It'll also downgrade the Snapdragon 801 to a 400, allegedly, and could come with a 13MP rear camera.
All these factors taken into account, the price tag listed by these websites seems a bit much. But don't take anything as gospel - retailers often get these things wrong.

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