Sunday, 4 May 2014

Here's the first official-looking shot of the alleged HTC One Mini 2

Here's the first official-looking shot of the alleged HTC One Mini 2

We've been anticipating the successor to the HTC One Mini for some time, though the details remain up in the air.
Now frequent Twitter tipster @evleaks has published what could be the first official look at the new HTC One Mini in dark grey, silver/white and gold. Check it out below.
He or she calls it the HTC One Mini 2, though we've previously speculated on other monikers, like the HTC One M8 Mini to match the HTC One (M8).
To be fair, that name also came from @evleaks, but it seems the leaker has come across some new information in the meantime.
htc one mini 2

A slow reveal

The last time we saw the HTC One Mini successor it was wrapped up in a case, so we couldn't get a clear look at it. That was also when @evleaks first indicated that the miniature phone would drop the "M8" from its name.
A high-quality shot like the one above is a welcome glimpse.
The tweet also says the HTC One Mini 2 will arrive this year, which is no surprise.
It's expected to sport a 13-megapixel camera rather than the HTC One (M8)'s 4-ultrapixel snapper, but that's really all we've heard at this point about what's likely to be the next HTC handset on the market.
Until something more official surfaces we'll keep an eye and an ear trained on the rumor mill for more on the HTC One Mini 2.

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