Monday, 28 April 2014

HTC's plots a high-end, plastic 'M8 Ace' to take down the Samsung Galaxy S5

HTC's plots a high-end, plastic 'M8 Ace' to take down the Samsung Galaxy S5

HTC made a name for itself producing some truly gorgeous all metal phones but soon it could release a plastic version of its current flagship device, the HTC One (M8).
Engadget has it on good authority from one of its "reliable sources" that HTC's upcoming M8 Ace will feature a fully plastic unibody.
The plastic shell aside, HTC supposedly will outfit its ace almost exactly as the all-aluminum One (M8). The new phone will purportedly inherit the Taiwanese flagship's 5-inch screen and 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor.

Attack on titans

Supposedly the new plastic version is being made specifically to undercut the Samsung Galaxy S5. Aside from the cost cutting plastic body, it's still uncertain if the original HTC One M8's Duo Camera feature will carry over to the M8 Ace.
Earlier the phone was rumored to arrive for an unsubsidized price of CN¥3,000 (about $480/£285/AU$518), which would make it an extremely affordable device considering its top of the line specs.
While the price looks enticing up until now we've only caught one blurred out glimpse of HTC's plastic handset courtesy of @evleaks. If anything the handset looks a bit too similar to the Red HTC One (M8) that's coming exclusively to Verizon customers.
If the M8 Ace truly becomes a reality, it would be an extremely attractive package even with the toy like plastic body. Stay tuned to this space as we're sure to have more to report on this affordable handset.

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