Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The studio behind 'Rolando' is back with a fantastic-looking new mobile game

Released in 2008, Rolando was arguably the first game to truly show the potential of the iPhone as a gaming platform — and now developer Handcircus is making a return to the platform with an intriguing new release. Called Seabeard, the game is described as a mobile take on Animal Crossing, but with a dash of Wind Waker style. It looks to be very different from the puzzle-heavy Rolando, instead presenting players with a large open world to explore and lots of quests to undertake.
Handcircus is partnering with Dragonvale developer Backflip Studios to publish the game, which is slated to launch sometime this summer for unannounced mobile platforms. The arrangement appears similar to the Rovio Stars program, which has the Angry Birds...
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