Saturday, 8 March 2014

'Mario Kart' in real life is real weird

On a spare, concrete track circled by billboards and ads in Austin, Texas, Mario slammed his go-kart into mine (or maybe I slammed mine into his — the exact details are in contention) and my kart sputtered and slowed. Mario — actually fellow Verge editor David Pierce — sped ahead. The race ended, and I placed where I started: dead last.
This is "Mario Karting Reimagined," a real-life go-kart track set up by Pennzoil and Nintendo to promote motor oil and video games at the increasingly corporatized SXSW. It seems like an obvious and compelling idea: imagine if you could actually drive around in a go-kart and experience the sort of wild, joyful, destructive abandon that characterizes Mario Kart. Sadly, the reality of Mario Kart in...
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