Saturday, 8 March 2014

AT&T cuts its 2GB Mobile Share Value plan by $15 to stay competitive

If you have a 2GB data plan with AT&T, you're about to save some money on your wireless bill. Starting tomorrow, March 9th, the company is dropping the price of its 2GB Mobile Share Value plan by $15, from $55 to $40 per month.
Like all of the carrier's shared data plans, you'll need to pay an extra monthly fee for each device that accesses that data pool. That cost is remaining the same at $40 per month for each on-contract smartphone and $25 per month for smartphones purchased at full price or through the carrier's Next installment plans. All Mobile Share Value plans have unlimited talk and text, as well as free texts from the United States to international numbers. The carrier is also offering 50GB of cloud storage on its own service...
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