Thursday, 27 February 2014

Meet Moov, the fitness tracker that turns Siri into your new personal trainer

Nikola Hu is running wrong. He’s loping along, leaning back as he goes. Suddenly a voice emerges from his phone: "Your cadence is low. Try swinging your arms legs and arms faster." Hu’s phone knows he's has running injuries before, so it’s hypersensitive to how his feet land on the ground. "Lean forward and land mid-foot to soften your impact," it tells him. He obliges, and the voice comes back immediately. "Good job!"
Hu, a former Apple engineer, is jogging inside this glass-walled conference room to demonstrate Moov, a new wearable device that adds entirely new levels of meaning to the phrase "fitness tracker." Rather than collect and chart data in the hope that simply seeing their habits will help users to be healthier, Moov...
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