Sunday, 23 February 2014

LG's G Pro 2 is like an inflexible G Flex

LG's G Pro 2 is like an inflexible G Flex
Feb 23rd 2014, 14:26, by Vlad Savov

While some companies may have qualms about the hybrid status of phablet devices, LG is boldly proclaiming the G Pro 2 as its effort to deliver "the ultimate phablet experience." This 5.9-inch LTE smartphone grows larger than its predecessor and makes upgrades across its spec sheet, ultimately ending up looking like a close cousin to LG's 6-inch G Flex. The two phablets are of similar physical size and share the same processor, although the Flex obviously has its curved body and glossy, self-healing back. I actually prefer the rougher, more tactile surface on the G Pro 2, though LG's description of it being a "metal mesh" is misleading: it's thin plastic patterned to emulate metal.
The big advances in the G Pro 2 are a 20 percent...
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